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Jirka Helmich

Chief Product Officer at Mews

Topics Discussed: Product management, People

You are probably doing it better than you think.

Bill Macaitis

Growth Advisor & Board Member at Macaitis Advisory

Topics Discussed: Marketing, Go-to-Market

Users don't want 1,000 features. They want something easy, simple, and fun to use. If you keep that as a North Star as you go from Series A to Series B to Series C, that's going to serve you well.

Micha Breakstone

Co-founder and CEO at NeuraLight

Topics Discussed: Founder Challenges

.. you spend more time with your founders and co-founders than you would with your spouse. The relationship is as intense as marriage gets, both emotionally and financially.

Richard Brooks

Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Avrios

Topics Discussed: Product, Marketing, HR

There is a time and a place where you need to have measurements and processes. There is a time and a place to get it done and tidy up afterward. The trick is understanding at what point you need to put the processes in.

João Graça

Co-founder and CTO at Unbabel

Topics Discussed: Tech Management, Founder Challenges, HR

Trust yourself and don't just be convinced by other people solely because of their credentials.

Jacco van der Kooij

Founder and Co-CEO at Winning by Design, the second fastest-growing private company in Silicon Valley

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market, Sales

Three key elements allow a SaaS company to become profitable: don't lose your customer, create more sales to existing, happy customers, and extend lifetimes

Joyce Mackenzie Liu

Founder at Pegafund, Contributor to Forbes and

Topics Discussed: Financing, Fundraising, HR

The companies that have successfully grown, have scaled all parts of the business proportionately, not just product development, but also sales, marketing, finance, and operations.

Fred Becker

COO at Aire

Topics Discussed: Tooling & Processes, Finance

I know what large companies do and what so-called best practices are. However, you don't necessarily want to bring all those practices to a startup from day one because it would be too much. It would kill the company in the process.

Jordi Pedrol

Founding Partner at Metrix Partners

Topics Discussed: Finance, Tools & Processes

I try to do the same thing for all companies: building a platform where we can follow all metrics, no matter what their ARR is.

Matt Chappell

SVP of Sales at Legion Technologies

Topics Discussed: Sales, Go-to-Market, Pricing

The sales process must reflect the key evaluation milestones along the customer's journey to purchase your product. So it all begins with the customer's journey, which guides how you should build your sales process.

Herbert Sablotny

CFO at Beekeeper

Topics Discussed: Strategy, Finance, HR

I approach the finance function in terms of different levels of maturity.

Maria McMenamin

VP Sales at Pitch

Topics Discussed: Sales, HR

You cannot keep doing the unscalable thing, but you also cannot scale too early because you need to know what works.

Adam Tesan

CRO at Chargebee

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market, Sales, HR

When you are mapping your sales process and marketing messaging, you need to think in terms of what is going through the buyer's mind and who additional is being looped into the processes at each stage in the journey.

Jen Grant

CEO at Appify

Topics Discussed: Marketing

A really critical part of growing your startup, even in the early stages, is to make sure that your brand is unique enough and sufficiently interesting for people to remember and then come back.

Ray Rike

Founder and CEO at RevOps Squared

Topics Discussed: Finance, Go-to-Market, Metrics

I want to provide others the ability to make better metrics-informed decisions using benchmarks. So they can not only see how they are performing against internal historical trends using a timeline series approach, but also how they are performing against similar cohort groups measured against similar companies.

Patrick Campbell

Founder and CEO at ProfitWell

Topics Discussed: Pricing, Metrics

simplicity and price differentiation are not mutually exclusive concepts. Normally a really good designer can create something simple that still has multiple options.

Mads Faurholt

Founder at CVX Ventures

Topics Discussed: Personal growth, Leadership, Hiring

Nail it before you scale it. Don’t scale before the organization is ready for it.

Sami Hero

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at HappyOrNot

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market

Analytics without action is just reporting.

Tristan Rouselle

Founder & Deputy CEO at Aryballe Technologies

Topics Discussed: Innovation

Being open-minded and respecting others' opinions is much more important than just coming up with good ideas. Ideas do not have value until they are transformed into a robust concept.

Tom Brady

Founder and Chief Technology Officer at SkySpecs

Topics Discussed: Founder Challenges

As a founder, your role will change many times. I've been able to find people who are complementary to me in doing the things that I don't excel at.

Mike Dias

Founder and CEO of ScaleUpValley, Host of ScaleUpValley podcast

Topics Discussed: Scaling Framework

Not all people fit in with all stages: as I said, you need to look for the person that you might need in the next phase of growth at least a year before you need them.

Jennifer Tacheff

Founder and CEO at Manifest Advisors

Topics Discussed: Diversity, Go-to-Market, Leadership

Slowing down to speed up matters. Set a clear strategy and then win against that.

Daniel Gebler

CTO at Picnic

Topics Discussed: Tech management, HR

Which kinds of elements to build up
tech-wise and through scalable tech excellence, and which ones to keep pretty
low tech is an important consideration for a founder at each stage.

Katie Christian

Head of Customer Success at Calendly

Topics Discussed: Customer success

What's the ROI metric that you share with customers?

Felix Eichler

CTO & Co-Founder at Userlane

Topics Discussed: Leadership, Culture, Founder Challenges

There is a balance between letting go and being drawn too much into the details. Sometimes details can send a massive signal.

Kasper Sommer

CFO at Dixa

Topics Discussed: Finance, HR, Tools & Processes

As a CFO, you need to be a storyteller and business executive more than just being the finance executive.

Michael Waldner

CEO & Co-Founder at Pexapark

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market

What I have learned is that when you want to improve a market in which you have a lot of insights and knowledge, it’s better first to get investors on board who really understand what you’re after.

Mads Fosselius

CEO & Co-founder of Dixa

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market, Sales, HR

There’s a lot of pain in doing so, but I think it's an extremely important thing to become as mature as you can in your go-to-market, as soon as you can.

Mark Roberge

Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market, Sales

Most people decide their pace according to industry trends like “triple, triple, double, double". However, your pace needs to be determined by the capabilities that your business has developed.

Ben Murray

Founder at and

Topics Discussed: Finance, Processes & Tools, Metrics

The problem is often that you are trying to measure too many metrics. You must think about the top three metrics that align with your corporate objectives.

Sean Ellis

Co-Founder at GoPractice

Topics Discussed: Growth-Hacking, HR, Processes & Tools

Start by understanding how growth works in your business, and then look for opportunities for improvement.

Wes Bush

Founder and CEO at ProductLed

Topics Discussed: Marketing, Product Led Growth

The first way of building a PLG culture is by building a culture of user empathy.

Tami McQueen

VP of Marketing at Panoramic Ventures, Host at SaaStr Events

Topics Discussed: Marketing, Go-to-Market

You sell the process. We didn't sell the product; we sold the process of how much time it can save you.

Yaniv Leven

Founder and CEO at Panoply

Topics Discussed: Data Management, Internationalization

The minute you raise a buck in a startup, you're fighting against the clock.

Sampo Hietanen

Founder and CEO at MaaS Global

Topics Discussed: Investors

In the startup community, we often think in terms of startup versus corporate. Do realize that corporations have smart people as well. Be in your learning mode.

Cory Munchbach

Chief Operating Officer at BlueConic

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market

Product-market fit is a non-linear, elusive process. It's actually very bumpy and you might have a couple of quarters where you feel like you're totally hitting it, then maybe a quarter where you're not.

Braydan Young

Co-founder and Chief Partnerships Officer at Sendoso

Topics Discussed: Founder Challenges, Culture

In the early days and even today, it's all on the founder. The culture is a direct line from that person.

Dan Koh

Chief of Staff at U.S. Department of Labor

Topics Discussed: HR, Leadership

Thinking about how you're engaging your employees, and about how they're buying into the culture and the long-term vision is important.

Alex Iskold

Co-Founder of 2048 Ventures, an institutional Seed-Investor

Topics Discussed: Competition

Premature scaling is also a big mistake. Stepping on the gas with sales or raising a mega-round of funding without having customer success locked down is a mistake.

Brian Requarth

Co-founder at Latitud

Topics Discussed: Finance, Leadership

Everything should be uncomfortable. Get comfortable with the discomfort. You should be growing fast enough, which is super uncomfortable in itself.

Jonno Southam

Previously Senior Venture Capital Business Development at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Topics Discussed: HR

If there’s no wow factor or there is a move to hiring by giving the benefit of the doubt, strongly disagree, and just find somebody else who can be better for the long-term cultural fit. It's never usually worth it to make compromises.

Andrew Parker

Director at Silicon Valley Bank

Topics Discussed: Finance

Ultimately, try and think about your financing partner in the same way you would about your VC partner. You want them to be bringing value to the business and not just their cheque book and some cash in your bank account.

Richard Valtr

Founder at Mews

Topics Discussed: Leadership, Culture, Fundraising

In my view it’s not bad to spread yourself too thin in the beginning: it’s much more important to know when the time is right to focus.

Rene Kantehm

CFO at VMRay

Topics Discussed: Finance, HR, Processes & Tools

Training for the right leadership skills is a key point in a scaling team and should not be underestimated.

Sterling Snow

CRO at Divvy

Topics Discussed: Go-to-Market, Marketing, Sales, HR

Anything you do in a startup has a shelf life.

Alex Theuma

Founder and CEO at SaaStock

Topics Discussed: Founder Challenges, Marketing

You cannot underestimate the value of a support network.

Nathan Latka

Founder at Founderpath and

Topics Discussed: Finance, Metrics

The only thing that matters in building wealth is ownership.

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